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Is the Mobile Gaming Platform Appealing?

Chris Pfende, CEO of Niantic Labs, and the man behind the popular Pokemon Go mobile game has some interesting comments to make about the future of mobile gaming. In an interview with GamesTMrp, Pfende says that mobile gaming is going to see a lot more innovations in the next few years. One of the new innovations he speaks about involves the possibility of hand-held devices that will allow users to interact with the characters in the game. Right now you have the ability to do this with just a tap of the screen but according to Pfende there will be further developments. "You are looking at something like a digital camera or smart phone that will allow the player to interact with the characters in the game," he said. The way this works is that you can take pictures of your favourite Pokemon characters to use as stickers or other in-game applications.

In the future we may see augmented reality, which will allow gamers to virtually interact with items in the real world, especially with Pokemon characters. This is a relatively new technology and according to Chris Pfende it represents a 90 million opportunity for mobile gaming platforms. He states, "augmented reality is just another step in the ongoing evolution of mobile gaming and another opportunity for us to put the power of gaming into the hands of the consumer."

Another innovative idea comes from the likes of Pokemon Go, which now allows mobile gamers to take on the role of their favourite Pokemon characters in the game. Users can travel around the world and catch Pokemon, where they can then interact with other players and other Pokemon creatures. The fascinating aspect of this mobile gaming platform is that gamers are able to catch Pokemon at locations that coincide with where they have gone before. This will enable gamers to return to previously visited areas in the game, which will allow them to experience a sense of repetition in the process. To understand more about the mobile gaming platform, click here:

Industry analysts have predicted that mobile games will continue to expand at an exponential rate, with more new IPs being announced each week. With smartphones capable of supporting high quality graphics, the increase in the number of people that own smart phones is also expected to lead to an increase in mobile games. It is therefore no surprise that Smith said that the mobile gaming platform market is "on its way" to capturing the entire mobile games market. View here for more details about the mobile gaming platform.

Smith also touched upon another topic that concerns the high spenders within the market. Mobile gaming devices such as smart phones, tablets and Nintendo Wii can only be used for so many hours per day before the user would become bored and want to switch devices. However, Smith believes that with the high demand for mobile devices, it will be very difficult for companies not to provide a good solution. "You will be seeing a lot of companies coming out with applications that will enable you to play a couple of games and then go back to your social media or your email for a couple of hours and then do it all over again", he said.

However, he declined to provide specific details about the applications that will be launched in the near future. So how will consumers be able to keep up-to-date with what games they can download?

According to Smith, the answer lies in the company's plans to launch a mobile development studio. The studio will house around 15 programmers that will work on creating different apps for the iOS platform. Smith said that once the studio has been set up, the company will start to focus on focusing on apps that can be used by teenagers and children as well as adults. A full shutdown of the iOS app store is unlikely at this point, with the aim of making the platform more appealing to a mainstream audience and to regain lost market share that the iPhone and iPad have gained in recent years. To acquire more details about this topic, click here:

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